June 17, 2024



Electricity network transformation roadmap

A partnership between the ENA and CSIRO

Conventional delivery of services is being upended across industry sectors by technology and customer preferences, including newspapers, postal services, telecommunications and taxis.

In what has been called the “disruption generation” there has also been a major shift in the way Australians interact with electricity services and providers.

This evolution of the way customers use, produce and value electricity and energy services will continue well into the future. While these changes challenge traditional business models for the Grid and the established electricity system, they also create opportunities for alternative services which can unlock additional value for customers and businesses alike.

In this context, Australia’s national science agency  CSIRO and the peak national body representing gas distribution and electricity transmission and distribution businesses in Australia, the Energy Networks Association (ENA) have partnered to develop an Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap (the Roadmap).

Download the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap Overview

Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap – Stage One.

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