November 23, 2020



Solar powered Golf Cart

Do you live in a UV rich area of the world? Even wondered if you could have a Solar powered golf cart instead of a standard electric golf cart like an MGI Golf Cart?

Well the answer is YES, you can. You buy new solar powered golf carts and you can convert old golf carts into new solar powered golf carts.

See here:

If you have an electric golf cart, follow along and you might not need to ever plug it back in to charge again! If you don’t have one (yet), I am finding it a super handy, affordable (and stealthy!) addition to my various ways of getting around the property. I highly recommend one! To kick off this new series I have another batch of free stickers to give away! Please post up in the comments if you would like one. Our Yamaha G19 Electric Golf Cart We picked up this golf cart a few months ago for just a couple hundred bucks since it needed some new batteries, which is pretty common for these older carts. You can see the post about fixing it up here.

You find out more by visiting MGI GOLF.

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