November 23, 2020



Solar Powered Prams and Strollers.

Electric prams and strollers and gaining popularity and one ingenuous mother has turned her stroller by baby jogger into a electric baby mobile. Not only is it electric but it Solar powered.

It’s not just grown-ups that might appreciate electrified transport. Bosch has unveiled an “eStroller” system that uses dual electric motors and sensors to not only reduce the effort involved in carting your young one around, but prevent the stroller from going in unexpected directions. It’ll automatically study the road surface to help you push uphill, brake on the descent and keep it on track during lateral slopes. The technology will also bring the stroller to a halt if you lose control or battle fierce winds.

The e-stroller system is made up of two low-noise electric motors mounted to the rear axle, a Bluetooth module and some smart sensors. Those sensors determine the stroller’s speed and acceleration while making note of the surface that the buggy is moving over. The smart part shapes up as algorithms that can predict what the parents intend to do.

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